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by Gnash Rambler

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released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Gnash Rambler Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: No One Gives A...
No One Gives A......

well no one cares about a quant thing called the truth anymore these days
lies start with the bombing, end up gospel microwaves
the kids don't seem too interested in the future or the past
all they have been told is that they want more stuff and they want it now
well what do you do?
well I don't need this bleak and dangerous vision for humankind
all the dreams in this world yet this is the best that they could find
can't seem to survive this place with no future and no past
kids hang on to what they can and try to make it last
and you don't let go
no you don't let go
no one gives a fuck
Track Name: Dues And Don'ts
Dues & Don'ts

in my head is a ringing sound
of everything around me falling down
just another strange day in this place
can't remember my name or place the face
I know me better than myself
and I keep my memories up on a shelf
keep my brakes on, my systems wrecked
my sense of self it has been checked
the most worrying of vicissitudes
pumped up to obscene altitudes
I gotta slow down
my mind's been blackened and browned
my cynical eyes, half closed, are awakened
we did all we could
but now my mind has been shaken
we tried all the we could
we tried to will it away
we tried
we tried
we tried
never going to stop paying for this day
seeing is believing
but appearances can be deceiving
the only view of you I am receiving
is the only one that you will be leaving
Track Name: Bad Karma
Bad Karma

loyalty royalty
not your revisionist history
loyalty royalty
not your bankrupt mythology
didn't think that's what you'd actually do
guess I'm not as useful as I once was to you
loyalty royalty
dreaming of immortality
loyalty royalty
I can only plead insanity
this shit sure stinks and that shit sure does stick to you
should have walked away cuz it sticks to my fur too
loyalty royalty
only did it cuz you wouldn't stop bugging me
shouldn't have let it go on so long
why don't you go and write your own fucking song?
did all right, got your foot in the door
but you won't have my coat tails to ride anymore
say goodnight to the bad guy
loyalty royalty
don't hand that fucking bullshit to me
at least I'm here and at least I see
I can do what I want cuz I am free
they told me to suck it up
they told me to move on
but where's the loyalty now?
where has it gone?
say goodnight to the bad guy
Track Name: Downtown Rock
Downtown Rock

I bet they laughed and cheered the day
the bus took you out of town
and their days of being jerked around
were soon to be long gone
but you ended up here like another big fish in a small pond or so you say
and you can't wait to score some stuff and get really screwed up today
I was leafing the produce section when the dispatch call came down
you were rifling through my cd collection when the police took you down
now I could understand and sympathise if you was doing just for food
but how about more of a challenge
try making a point in casing the mayor's neighbourhood instead
must not have pointed out to you that my castle's supervised
check out my next door neighbour looking for some payback with his louisville surprise
make you an offer that you cannot refuse, see that look in his eyes?
that's the look of love
and I don't need no downtown rock
get off that crutch and learn how to walk
and I don't need no downtown wheels
I don't need to be you to see how it feels
and I don't need any up or down cuz
folks don't like you peddling it in this part of town
and if anything ever gets done downtown
then I can leave my windows open again
now when I like to get a little out of my head
well I pay for it with my job
and if the powers that be accepted harm reduction
then you wouldn't have to cheat and rob
but it don't make any difference what I say
sing your song and you go free to do it all again and again
and I don't need any downtown rock
ice, powder or smack by the block
and I don't need any downtown strife
I didn't lose my kids nor divorce my wife
and I don't need any downtown noise
I lose enough sleep listening to you boys
I just hide in my downtown den
and watch another busload of you parasites come in again
Track Name: Buick Spyder/Beyond Our Means
Beyond Our Means

see people living in the street
could easily happen to me
grandkids we haven't yet met are already burdened with debt
grandparents started with squat
but look at what they got
but they wasted themselves on wars and mopping other peoples' floors
we're living beyond our means
not as easy as it seems
it's a nightmare, not a dream
just bounced another cheque
my finances are a wreck
hang on just a sec
while I wrap this credit card round my neck
for us there is no room
at the busted end of the baby boom
between those could but don't
and those who should but won't
Track Name: Blues For Boogie
Blues for Boogie

hello to the winter, goodbye to the sun
that's what boogie's done
hello to the winter and goodbye to the sun
how that hurt will be undone
what would be, I can't see the hereafter
what would be, we can't see the hereafter
feeling sorry for yourself
yourself and no one else
go and join the idiot club
and wallow by yourself
what would be, I can't see the hereafter
what would be, we can't see the hereafter
don't wanna hear it
don't wanna know
why you could not hack it and why you had to go
yeah I'm mad, you know it's true
and a shitload of others will not forgive you now
demons pull you like a puppet on strings
perverse courage this dark medicine brings
that empty bottle and the tightening of that noose
forever frames the horrible truth
what would be, I can't see the hereafter
Track Name: Jello Mold
Jello Mold

there you go doing just what you're told
to you their word is as good as gold
right for the job, you're not very bold
cuz they cut your sort from a jello mold
jello mold, nasty, slimy, vicious and cold
jello mold, they cut your sort from a jello mold
your clichéd tirade has gotten old
your party line never strays from the the fold
right for the job, you're not very bold
cuz they cut your sort from a jello mold
Track Name: Doing It All Wrong
Doing It All Wrong

now you're doing it all wrong
you don't sing the slow song
now you're doing it all wrong
that's why you ain't had it in so long
don't you see? over in verse three?
you'll save your best thing cuz you see it's the best thing
and you're doing it all wrong
and I'm doing it all wrong
if, when you sweat what good is it, if it don't make you wet
then you're doing it all wrong
if when I sit and think about how I feel
if only this song would speed up a little!
but I'm doing it all wrong
and you're doing it all wrong
and we're doing it all wrong
Track Name: I'm Het
I'm Het (Michael Biliski)

I think my girlfriend is getting jealous
cuz I'm staring at the fellas
chiselled jaw and skintight leather
sure am getting sick of erasure
you're a venus with a penis
who likes latex
but I go for straight sex
cuz I'm het, but you're hot
I'm het but you're so not
I'm het but you're not
but you're so hot I almost forgot I'm het
everyone here is so limp wristed
clever, conceited, coy or wasted
and I'm just sitting here, feeling feckless
but the allure of your pecs is
it's a guy thing
I was latent, but now I'm blatant
I'm het, but you're hot
I'm het but you're so not
you're so hot I almost forgot my trapdoor has always been shut
now if only I could stop staring at your butt
Track Name: PAX Amerikana
PAX Amerikana

let's play with the rumsfeld doll
he didn't do very well at all
play with the dubya doll too
he will sound so sincere to you
play with gi colin powell
through gritted teeth he chokes on every vowel
on everything his country believes
what a tangled lie this doll weaves
pax amerikana
there goes condoleeza rice
she seems so awfully nice
standing up for her president
but girl, you're setting a bad precedent
you cheated them for their oil, and now you kill them for their creed
but now your youth bleeds to death on desert soil
reaping the whirlwind of your greed
pax amerikana, ha ha
now you say that everybody hates you
and they're all calling out for your annihilation
so you stack up more sandbags
lash out at mirrorlike phantoms
new world order harbinger
suckled on realpolitik and Kissinger
nursing every falling pawn
death and destruction you feed on
pax amerikana, ha ha
well she was somebody's sister, and he was somebody's son
in 1945 you were handed a blank cheque
now you hand back a bankrupt wreck
the blind thrashing of a dying giant
resort to terror to keep your people pliant
and I get called violent?
pax amerikana
one two three fourth world war
Track Name: Man Over

ever since the wind had died I've drifted, lost, with the tide
thought it'd be a three hour tour but now those rocks will have us for sure
siren call against my sails, it's a cry lost in a howling gale
foaming waves so deep and green
the prettiest shade I've ever seen
and I can't believe that this is how it would be
my cold wet ass against the cruel sea
lost at sea for days and days
the gulls they cry amongst these waves
is it the time or is it me?
the sea's a cruel mistress when she wants to be
no such thing as a sure thing today
all you hold dear can just be blown away
you can curse and swear, you can get on your knees
but what's the difference anyways?
no wind, no sails
land a thousand miles away
water, water everywhere but none to take my thirst away
reduced to being a salt streaked man bobbing helpless amongst these waves
and if I could get a drink I would surely last another day
and I never thought that this is how it would be
my cold wet ass against the cruel sea
Track Name: Sex Beat
Sex Beat (Jeffrey Lee Pierce)

jonny' got a light in his eyes
and shirley's got a light on her lips
jake's got a monkeyshine on his head
and deborah ann's got a tiger in her hips
they can twist, they can turn, they can move and they can burn
and they can throw themselves against the wall
but they creep for what they need
and they explode to the call
so they can move
they're stupid like I told you
they're stupid like you saw
they're stupid as the simple thought
of ever thinking at all
and all their minds, all their souls, all their bodies and all they know
all the things that should have kept them whole
all that colorless security was only so they could move
sex beat, drop
and yeah you do look cool, by the floodlights so blue
you made my tropical apartment bed your sacrificial womb
with my body in the water and my heart is in your hands
so this is the way you want to send me
into the promised land
so you can move
sex beat, drop
and every day at three, you lay me down by the Christmas tree
I watch your lights blink on and off as you start your fun with me
now I, I know your reasons
and I, I know your goals
we can fuck forever
but you will never own my soul
so you can move
sex beat
move me