PAX Amerikana

from by Gnash Rambler

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PAX Amerikana

let's play with the rumsfeld doll
he didn't do very well at all
play with the dubya doll too
he will sound so sincere to you
play with gi colin powell
through gritted teeth he chokes on every vowel
on everything his country believes
what a tangled lie this doll weaves
pax amerikana
there goes condoleeza rice
she seems so awfully nice
standing up for her president
but girl, you're setting a bad precedent
you cheated them for their oil, and now you kill them for their creed
but now your youth bleeds to death on desert soil
reaping the whirlwind of your greed
pax amerikana, ha ha
now you say that everybody hates you
and they're all calling out for your annihilation
so you stack up more sandbags
lash out at mirrorlike phantoms
new world order harbinger
suckled on realpolitik and Kissinger
nursing every falling pawn
death and destruction you feed on
pax amerikana, ha ha
well she was somebody's sister, and he was somebody's son
in 1945 you were handed a blank cheque
now you hand back a bankrupt wreck
the blind thrashing of a dying giant
resort to terror to keep your people pliant
and I get called violent?
pax amerikana
one two three fourth world war


from Gnash Rambler, track released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Gnash Rambler Vancouver, British Columbia

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